22 de diciembre de 2014

Top ten technology disruptive trends

The M&A american firm Corum offer a whitepaper about this topic in www.CorumGroup.com/10Trends

Let me just offer to my readers the list of trends:

1. Online exchangers, which connect creators and consumers.

2. Information security, to build barriers to the data and process intruders.

3. Internet of things, just to spread Internet to everything.

4. Enmeshed systems, which are a mixure of software and hardware, and will oblige us to apply new names to new concepts.

5. Data connected networks, beyond the big data wave.

6. Digital force multipliers, that help to convert traditional firms into tech firms.

7. Omni-channel marketing, that means a totally new way of managing communication with the marketplace.

8. Mobilization, from desktop to mobile.

9. Digital currency flow

10. Advanced manufacturing

All of these trends are changing the current business ecosystem and meaning plenty of threats and opportunities to any company.