7 de febrero de 2016

How to shape your P&L

As I extensively explained in my book La cuenta de resultados, every entrepreneur has to design its own P&L, because the P&L is the most powerful tool in management hands.

Just as a reminder, here is an example of a quite personalized P&L structure:

Gross sales
– Devolutions
– Discounts
= Net sales
– Product direct costs
= Product gross margin
– Commercial sales cost
– Logistics sales cost
= Global gross margin (or net margin)
– Operations structural costs
– Support structural costs
– Marketing costs
= Results from operations (EBITDA)
+/- Financial income or costs
– Amortization
= Ordinary results
+/- Extraordinary income or costs
= Income before taxes
– Taxes
= Net income

As I explain in my book, the P&L structure has to be adapted to the company organization and strategy. There are not to equal P&L because there are not to equal companies.

I hope this helps my readers to understand the importance of the P&L and the need of a good and personalized design.