7 de febrero de 2016

The 10 main points in any Business Plan

Any entrepreneur has to address the average investor decision process in the right way, and to do this, has to prepare a document or a presentation explaining his or her Business Plan containing at least this following 10 points:

  1. Who me and my partners are
  2. What is our business proposal
    • What we offer
    • What is our target client
  3. What are the characteristics of our target market
    • Definition, boundaries, size
    • Competitors
    • Market dynamics
  4. How we will produce and sell our product or service
    • Production strategy
    • Selling strategy
  5. Why we believe that we will be able to enter that market and gain that niche
    • Differentiation
    • Value proposal advantages
  6. What are our financial projections
    • Sales
    • Mrgins
    • Income
    • Cash flow
    • Capital needs
  7. What we want from a potential investor
    • Money
    • Support
  8. What we believe that is our premoney value
  9. What terms of governance we propose
    • Board of director
    • Shareholders agreement
    • Information to shareholders
  10. What is the exit strategy for our shareholders